We do with our hands the olive pruning and harvest.

When the fruits reach a maturation good to guarantee high organoleptic characteristics, the olives are picked and pressed immediately. The crusher is a latest generation Pieralisi continuous cycle with hammer crusher and processing is carried out at low temperature kneading.

After crushing the oil produced is transported into the storage structure and it’s stored in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature without air before being bottled and intended for sale in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the passion, dedication and rigor with which is done every working activity, from fertilization to the packaging, you get a precious extra virgin oil called Bosco Verdito, whose qualities have been recognized and rewarded in specialized events and competitions.






    In winter, when vegetation is suspended, we decide with our own hands the future development by modeling the shape of the plant, and by regulating the production of the next olive harvest. Pruning is a fundamental moment for the life of the olive. Depending on the age of the plants, we are going to perform a specific pruning. For young trees will be very light and guidance for the future and definitive shape. For adults olive trees, there will be a pruning of the foliage management and production organization.

  2. MARCH

    Care plant




    Spring comes, we make the suckering, that is clean the suckers at the base of the plant and, as soon as the soil is dry, the first foliar treatments. The suckers are nothing more than twigs come up, next to the trunk, to which they want to superimpose. In March, then there is fertilization. It 's time in fact, to intervene with what the olive tree is needed to thrive and bear fruit well. Fertilization usually carry out with the fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. In different proportions, depending on the plants.


    The preservation of plant health




    It 's time to give the copper to their foliage, so as to protect the olive trees from bacterial and fungal diseases which can attack them. The good olives, and then the good oil, are obtained from healthy trees. Treated at the right time with the right product, the plant ensures the healthiness' it deserves. It’s also the time of chopping grass. Our olive trees are perpetually covered with grass, this to guarantee us an efficient management of the plantation, and a respect of soil biodiversity. The grassing on slopes where our olive trees thrive, also greatly reduces soil erosion nd makes the harvesting operations, faster, even after an autumn rain. The possibility then pick olives in a short time, gives a lot in terms of quality of the oil made from it.


    Harvesting and crushing




    Difficult and delicate moment, we carry out the olive harvest with care and passion. First we proceed with the distension of the networks. They protect the olives from contact with the ground and then by bacteria and molds that live on it, and allow us to gather them into boxes and then in special bins ventilated. At the end of the day of harvest, we all come out in the corporate center. They settle the big boxes full of olives and lock with special straps. Immediately after, the olives are taken to the mill. The mill, a last generation Pieralisi, works the olives in the evening. At 10 PM, the oil is obtained. The quality of our oil is also given the timeliness of processing olives. The oil is then stored in special stainless steel containers in the absence of air. After a few weeks will be ready to be bottled and tasted.

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The farm Caccese besides being mentioned several times in prestigious national magazines, won prestigious awards resulting among the best producers in the world of olive oil Monocultivar (that is oils from olives produced with one single variety of olive) for both species Ortice and Leccio del Corno..

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