The farm Cacccese is located in Campania, on the gentle slopes of the hills of Sannio in the town of Paduli (BN), location St. Joseph, about 14 km from Benevento and also 8 of Pietrelcina, land that was the birthplace of St. Pio.

In highest point is the business center and there is a main chapel of 1700, now restored to its former glory.

The Caccese Company, after long experience in the production of cereals and fodder, since the early 90’ moves with passion and professionalism to olive and the extra virgin olive oil production resulting from cultivars: Leccio del Corno, Ortice and Pendolino.
The olive groves extend over an area of approximately 15 hectares to 300/400 meters above sea level and are characterized by conventional plants with plant bred free vase. The breeding with polyconic vessel, the altitude and the constant wind of the hill, preserve them from attacks by damaging and harmful insects.






Lorenzo Caccese, Doctor of Economics, as his main owner and company namesake title, finished the degree course, chose to devote himself to the family farm where he grew up.

The company is to address cereal, and within it, does not even have an olive tree.

In 1999, Lorenzo decided to establish the first olive grove to Entrepreneurial address. Since that time, a passion to oil and olive tree. He attended the taster courses all'UMAO and UNAPROL, travels in Spain and Argentina for further details. specialized olive growing law books. Frequents in Tuscany and Marche vocational pruning courses of prof. Giorgio Pannelli. Continue to plant olive trees, carefully choosing planting patterns, cultivars to be allocated, and select a function of the olive trees of quality oil made from it.

To date, it has planted 5000, and plans to continue to impiantarne of new species. He manages with passion each operation agronomic grove and the rest of the company.

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Azienda Agricola Caccese
of Dr. Lorenzo Caccese

Contrada San Giuseppe
82020 Paduli (BN)
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